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  • NFT mint Price 100 NYBC + gas

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The story

About Us

Limited edition of 5,000NFTs. Each NFT will be valuable on our play to earn game and staking . Every trait has a specific ability in our Metaverse. Special Giveaways and airdrops for holders


Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MiNFT ?

NFT stands for �non-fungible token. Each NFT is a unique piece of digital data stored on a blockchain. NFTs can come in a variety of formats, but most often are images, audio, or video files. What makes them different from any other digital file is that each NFT has specific code that verifies where exactly it is on a blockchain, or who has ownership.

How we can buy and invest NFT ?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be bought from marketplaces. NFTs transfer ownership of a digital item from one entity to another. To buy NFTs, you need a crypto wallet funded with cryptocurrency compatible with the NFT platform.

Why we should choose MiNFT ?

limited edition

Where we can buy and sell NFts ?

NFT marketplaces

How secure is this token ?

What is your contract address ?